Solutions and Outcomes

Our approach is to work with our clients to really understand what learning outcomes are needed to achieve their objectives.

We then design the course and scenes to bring those messages alive. With our interactive freeze-frame scenarios, the learners are really engage with the learning.

Our clients have had a number of positive outcomes as a result of our learning interventions.

Example 1

One of our clients had experienced a number of high profile (and costly) employment tribunals. A preventative strategy was required. Part of that strategy was our involvement; delivering hard-hitting scenes to bring about cultural change in that organisation.

This particular organisation can now recognise a direct correlation between the successful conclusion of the programme, to the current reduction of negative HR issues and specifically those that could have lead to employment tribunals.

Example 2

This client needed to change workers’ approach to health & safety. The organisation had a fairly poor record of “lost time accidents” and had a particularly bad workplace culture towards effective health & safety. There was a general lack of confidence, which meant that staff were reluctant to intervene on unsafe working practices.

Since our ongoing work with health & safety intervention training, this client has now seen a dramatic increase in the number of positive interventions in that workplace and an equal reduction in adverse health & safety related incidents.

We also work alongside our partner organisation Hoyle Associates in delivering bespoke training courses.

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