Equality & Diversity

A scene showing inappropriate behaviour

  • The scenarios are designed to stimulate discussion around challenging and sensitive subjects.
  • The scenarios will be centered around situations that are relevant to the organisation; often based on real incidents that have occurred within the organisation.
  • The professionally facilitated discussions focus on what is appropriate and inappropriate in areas such as attitudes; behaviour; humour; imagery and the stated values of the organisation.
  • The discussions highlight the common sense, positive business case effectively and rationally, in addition to the negative impact for individuals, the organisation and for its business when it goes wrong.
  • and the nine protected characteristics of
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Gender reassignment
    • Marriage and civil partnership
    • Pregnancy and maternity
    • Race
    • Religion or belief
    • Sex
    • Sexual orientation

…and the seven different types of discrimination:

    • Direct discrimination;
    • Associative discrimination;
    • Discrimination by perception;
    • Indirect discrimination;
    • Harassment;
    • Harassment by a third party
    • Victimisation 

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