Effective communication is vital in any organisation. Bad communications between colleagues, staff and managers and with customers can cause a myriad of problems.


  • To equip staff with the right communication skills to help them in their interaction with other parts of the business and with confidence.
  • It will help delegates to recognise how they might further improve their personal image and general communication skills.
  • This course aims to provide delegates with the opportunity to apply and assess their communication.


  • How to get your message across successfully and succinctly
  • Tailoring your message for your audience
  • The communication cycle and barriers to effective communication
  • Communicating to influence others, including: Features v benefits and Effective Objection handling.
  • Identifying other’s values and perceptions
  • Projecting a positive personal image – initial impressions
  • Projecting yourself positively using Listening Skills and Questioning Techniques
  • Handling conflict effectively

Learning approach

  • The actors perform a variety of scenarios that demonstrate poor and excellent examples of influencing and communicating with others.
  • The facilitator will involve the class in discussing the most positive way of working with key stakeholders to get their “buy-in” to your proposals and ways of working/operating.
  • This highly interactive style allows the learners to see at first-hand how to communicate with, and influence others.
  • This approach helps focus the mind on the importance of communicating with different people.
  • It is a shared and memorable experience which encourages further discussion after the event.

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