How Does it Work?


  • A group of actors and a facilitator introduce and play-out scenarios specific and appropriate to your organisation; based upon real-life case studies from your organisation.
  • This is done in a variety of ways, including freeze-frame, where delegates can intervene and control the live action ... inputting their own views and words into the scene. Thus as the scene develops, the delegates skills and attitudes develop with it.
  • Most sessions last for three hours. An optimal period for engaging learners.
  • Following each scene there is a facilitated discussion to pull out the key learning outcomes
  • The learning experience is compelling, memorable and enjoyable.
  • Delivering hard hitting (and often controversial) statements to explore attitudes to others in the workplace

Who delivers this?

  • Actors and staff all have maturity and experience from working in various business sectors. Including industry and the public sector.
  • All managers and facilitators are FCIPD qualified, (Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), and highly experienced, inspiring trainers.

What are the benefits of this approach?

  • Our costs are lower so that clients get excellent value for money
  • Each course or session is designed after full consultation with the a truly bespoke service.
  • Your workforce finds the training stress-free, enjoyable and informative, due to the innovative learning methods employed.
  • Staff respond positively to short learning sessions